Vicenza in Lirica: First International Master Class of Opera singing and Chamber singing

Download the PDF version of the Master Class Regulation and Application form.


First International Master Class of Opera singing and Chamber singing

Concetto Armonico cultural association organizes in July 2013 an important international project called Vicenza in Lirica consisting of three weeks of music training and other various cultural activities which engage famous teachers in the world of Opera, singing students from different countries, critics and artists.
The project can be realized thanks to Gallerie d’Italia – Palazzo Leoni Montanari that grant the use of the Palazzo rooms for the event. The project is realized under the patronage of the Veneto Region and the Town Hall of Vicenza.
Vicenza in Lirica includes various activities such as the three master classes of opera and chamber singing; concerts in historical Churches and Palazzi of Vicenza; presentations of books and discussions on music. During the three weeks, guest artists will give their contribution to the event.
The three Master Classes will take place during the month of July on the following dates:

  • Master Class with tenor Fabio Armiliato from 9th to 13th July
  • Master Class with basso Roberto Scandiuzzi from 16th to 20th July
  • Master Class with piano Professor Norman Shetler on Vocal Chamber music from 23rd to 27th July 2013.

The Master Classes are intended for students who wish to perfect their vocal and interpretative abilities focusing on the choice of their repertoire.
The association’s aim is to offer students opportunities to perform in concerts where they can be heard by agents, artistic directors or musical institutions. Experiences in front of a public, confrontation with other singers and advanced studies offered by a Master Class with a well-known teacher are basic elements for a professional development of any artist.

Vicenza in Lirica
with the hospitality of Gallerie d’Italia – Palazzo Leoni Montanari
Contra’ Santa Corona 25, Vicenza – mobile +39 338 69 13 507



1 – Vicenza in Lirica
“Concetto Armonico” cultural association organizes the First International Master Class of Opera singing and Chamber singing Vicenza in Lirica from 9th July to 27th July 2013.

Master Classes will be as follows:
? From 9th to 13th July Opera singing master class with Maestro Fabio Armiliato. Enrollment ends on June 29 , 2013
? From 16th to 20th July Opera singing master class with Maestro Roberto Scandiuzzi. Enrollment ends on July 6, 2013
? From 23rd to 27th July Chamber singing master class with Professor Norman Shetler. Enrollment ends on July 13 , 2013

2 – Lessons and location
The Master Classes will be held in “Gallerie d’Italia – Palazzo Leoni Montanari” in Vicenza (Contrà Santa Corona 25 – phone: 800.57887) from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. from Tuesday to Saturday. Each Master Class will have a teacher and a pianist for the accompaniment.

3 – Admission
Singers of any nationalty will be admitted to classes, and there will be no more than 12 students and 30 auditors for each class.

4 – Enrolment
The erolment form can be found on or and shall be sent to e-mail address or to
Concetto Armonico – Associazione Culturale
Via Coette Alte 11 – 30014 Cavarzere (VE).
For the enrolment students must send:
? enrolment form
? short personal résumé (bio)
? copy of an identity document
? copy of the payment of the enrolment fee
? copy of the student’s “Concetto Armonico Card”, if he is an affiliate of the association who registered by 30thApril 2013

5 – Payments
The enrolment fee to the Master Class is 80,00 euros (which includes 25,00 euros as affiliation fee – affiliates pay an enrolment fee of 55,00 euros) and it is to be paid by money transfer to:
Filiale di Vicenza
IBAN it60 o 08590 11800 000081026140

Should the student fail to attend his classes, the enrolment fee is not refundable.
The attendance fee is 305,00 euros for each single Master Class.
For those who enroll as a DUO (singing and piano) to Norman Shetler Master Class the total fee is 550,00 euros comprehensive of two enrollment fee and attendance fee.
Attendance fee for auditors is 70,00 euros for each Master Class.
The attendance fee must be paid by the end of the week prior to the Master Class beginning. Students must bring copy of the payment when they arrive for the master class.
Concetto Armonico affiliates who registered by 30th April 2013 will have a 15% reduction of their attendance fee.
Students who wish to attend all the three master classes will pay the enrolment fee only once and will get a reduction of 150,00 euros on the total amount.

6 – Attendance
Students must attend all their lessons and take part to all the activities scheduled for the master class.
Students must attend to at least 80% of the total lesson hours, otherwise the Master Class Attendance Certificate will not be released.

7 – Agreements
“Concetto Armonico” will not reimburse the participants for any travelling or accommodation expenses. Any existing agreements with hotels, restaurants and cafés for reductions to the students will be communicated further on.

8 – Cancellation
Should students fail to reach the required number, or should any such causes occur beyond control of the organization, the Master Class may be cancelled . In these cases, participants will be reimbursed the enrolment fee and the cost of the money transfer.

9 – Final Concert
Students who are ready for a public performance (the teacher and “Concetto Armonico” artistic direction will be assessing the student’s preparation) will participate to the final concert on the last day (Saturday) of each master class at Gallerie d’Italia – Palazzo Leoni Montanari.
Students chosen for the concert must ensure their presence. Students will not receive any reimbursement for their performance. The attendance certificate will be given to each student at the end of the concert of the single master class.

10 – Other activities and concerts
Students of the Master Class may be chosen for other concerts in Italy and abroad organized by “Concetto Armonico”, even if they are not affiliates. During each master class students can be called for concerts which will be organized in Vicenza by “Concetto Armonico”. Participation to performances will be agreed separately with “Concetto Armonico” artistic direction.

11 – Auditors
Auditors must attend to at least 80% of the total lesson hours otherwise the Master Class Attendance Certificate will not be released. Auditors may ask questions and make comments during the master class when the teacher will allow.

12 – Final Conditions
The organization of the master class “Vicenza in Lirica” declines any responsibility for any risks or damages, to persons or property, caused to the students while participating in the master classes.
These regulations, and any further official communication, can be found on the Internet site of the event:
Enrolment to the master classes implies the whole acceptance of the above stated regulations.