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Master Class Regulations + Application – Vicenza in Lirica 2015


Master Class Regulations – Vicenza in Lirica 2015


Download complete PDF version of the regulations 2015!


1 – Vicenza in Lirica
Concetto Armonico cultural association organizes the Third International Master Class of Opera singing Vicenza in Lirica from 19th June to 12th July 2015.

Master Classes will be as follows:

  • From June 23rd to 27th Opera Singing Master Class with Contralto Sara Mingardo.
  • From June 30th to July 7th Opera Singing Master Class with Soprano Katia Ricciarelli.


2 – Lessons and location
The Master Classes will be held in Gallerie d’Italia – Palazzo Leoni Montanari in Vicenza (Contrà Santa Corona 25) from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. from Tuesday to Saturday. Each Master Class will have a teacher and a pianist for the accompaniment.


3 – Admission
Singers of any nationality will be admitted to classes, and there will be no more than 10 students and 30 auditors for each class.


4 – Enrollment
The enrollment deadline is

  • 10th June 2015 for the first master class (Mingardo)
  • 17th June 2015 for the second master class (Ricciarelli)

Students can enroll sending the requested documents by e-mail to or by ordinary mail to the following address:

Concetto Armonico – associazione culturale | Via coette alte, 11 | 30014 Rottanova di Cavarzere, VE

? enrolment form
? short personal résumé (bio) (.doc/.rtf/.pdf format)
? copy of an identity document (.jpeg/.gif/.png format)
? copy of the payment of the enrolment fee (.jpeg/.pdf/.png format)
? copy of the student’s “Concetto Armonico Card”, if one is an affiliate of the association who registered before 30th April 2015


5 – Payments
The enrollment fee to the Master Class is 80,00 euros (which includes 25,00 euros as affiliation fee – affiliates pay an enrollment fee of 55,00 euros) and it is to be paid by money transfer to:
BANCADRIA, Filiale di Cavarzere
IBAN: IT55X0898236030013001301335


Should the student fail to attend classes, the enrollment fee is not refundable.
The attendance fee is 270,00 euros for each single Master Class.
Attendance fee for auditors is 50,00 euros for each Master Class.
The attendance fee must be paid at the beginning of the Master Class.
Concetto Armonico affiliates who registered before 30th April 2015 will have a 10% reduction of their attendance fee.
Students who wish to attend both master classes will pay the enrolment fee only once and will get a reduction of 100,00 euros on the total amount.


6 – Attendance
Classes will be held in Gallerie d’Italia – Palazzo Leoni Montanari from 10 am to 6 pm, from Tuesday to Saturday.
Students must attend all their lessons and take part to all the activities scheduled for the master class.
Students must attend to at least 80% of the total lesson hours, otherwise the Master Class Attendance Certificate will not be released.


7 – Agreements
There is a special agreement for students’ accommodation: single room with bathroom, breakfast, lunch and dinner in a confortable student’s house in Corso Palladio – Vicenza (near the palace where the master classes take place) for only € 20,00 a day


8 – Cancellation
Should students fail to reach the required number, or should any such causes occur  beyond control of the organization, the Master Class may be cancelled . In these cases, participants will be reimbursed the enrollment fee and the cost of the money transfer.


9 – Final Concert
Students who are ready for a public performance (the teacher and “Concetto Armonico” artistic direction will be assessing the student’s preparation) will participate to the final concert on the last day (Saturday) of each master class at Gallerie d’Italia – Palazzo Leoni Montanari.
Students chosen for the concert must ensure their presence. Students will not receive any reimbursement for their performance. The attendance certificate will be given to each student at the end of the concert of the single master class.


10 – Other activities and concerts
The teachers and “Concetto Armonico” artistic direction will choose two students from each Master Class for a concert on Sunday 25th july at Parco della Musica during the 61° Puccini Festival in Torre del Lago. Travel expenses to Torre del Lago and a one night stay in a B&B will be reimbursed.


11 – Auditors
Auditors must attend to at least 80% of the total lesson hours otherwise the Master Class Attendance Certificate will not be released. Auditors may ask questions and make comments during the master class when the teacher will allow.


12 – Audio and Video Recordings
By applying to the Vicenza in Lirica, the participant authorises Concetto Armonico – Associazione Culturale to make video and/or audio recordings, to take pictures, to transmit by radio or TV broadcast any of his/her lessons, rehearsals, concerts or Opera presentations, organized either by Concetto Armonico – Associazione Culturale  or by selected third party organizations or individuals. In particular, the participant surrenders to Concetto Armonico all the rights of said video and/or audio recordings and pictures for any use that might be relevant to the event. Concetto Armonico reserves the right to use all pictures, audio and video recordings for promotional purposes related to the present edition of the Festival or to future editions, or to release the audio and/or video recordings for demonstrational or promotional purposes.


13 – Final Conditions
The organization of the master class “Vicenza in Lirica” declines any responsibility for any risks or damages, to persons or property, caused to the students while participating in the master classes.
Enrollment to the master classes implies the whole acceptance of the above stated regulations.



Introduction – Vicenza in Lirica 2015


Introduction – Vicenza in Lirica 2015


Download complete PDF version of the regulations 2015!


Concetto Armonico cultural association organizes the third edition of Vicenza in Lirica, an international music and singing festival: a rich program of events such as master classes on opera singing, concerts in “Palazzi” and churches, conferences and other cultural activities. During the three weeks, guest artists will give their contribution to the festival.
The project is realized with the hospitality of Gallerie d’Italia – Palazzo Leoni Montanari that grant the use of the Palazzo rooms for the master classes and other events.

The two Master Classes will take place from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the following dates:

  • Master Class with contralto SARA MINGARDO on Opera Singing from 23rd to 27th June 2015.
  • Master Class with soprano KATIA RICCIARELLI on Opera Singing from 30th June to 4th July 2015.

The Master Classes are intended for students who wish to perfect their vocal and interpretative abilities focusing on the choice of their repertoire.

Both Master Classes are accompanied on the piano.

Some of the students attending the Master Classes will be chosen for:

  • a concert during the 61st Puccini Festival in Torre del Lago;
  • Christmas Concert in Wien with the patronage of the Italian Embassy;
  • Christmas Concert in Rome at the “Chiesa degli Artisti”;
  • Christmas Concert in Vicenza at Santuario di Monte Berico.

The association’s aim is to offer students opportunities to perform in concerts where they can be heard by agents, artistic directors or musical institutions. Experiences in front of a public, confrontation with other singers and advanced studies offered by a Master Class with a well-known teacher are basic elements for a professional development of any artist.

Presentazione – Vicenza in Lirica 2015


Presentazione – Vicenza in Lirica 2015



scarica il bando completo 2015!


L’associazione culturale Concetto Armonico organizza il Terzo Festival Lirico Internazionale Vicenza in Lirica, un festival per la città e della città, che anima i luoghi più belli di Vicenza con musica, arte, cultura e bel canto. Il festival propone due master class di perfezionamento in canto lirico con professionisti del settore e un vasto programma di eventi con grandi nomi del mondo della lirica: concerti nelle piazze e nelle chiese della città, un’opera lirica in forma di concerto al Teatro Olimpico e molto altro.
Tutto questo realizzato con l’ospitalità delle Gallerie d’Italia – Palazzo Leoni Montanari, che concede le prestigiose sale del Palazzo per lo svolgimento delle master class e dei relativi concerti finali degli allievi.
Le master class sono suddivise in due settimane dal martedì al sabato:

  • la prima dal 23 al 27 giugno 2015 con il contralto Sara Mingardo;
  • la seconda dal 30 giugno al 4 luglio 2015 con il soprano Katia Ricciarelli.

Le master class sono rivolte agli allievi che intendono perfezionare il proprio percorso formativo e vocale, con particolare attenzione alla scelta del repertorio.

Inoltre, alcuni allievi saranno scelti per:

  • un concerto all’interno del 61° Puccini Festival di Torre del Lago;
  • il Concerto di Natale a Vienna realizzato in collaborazione con l’Ambasciata Italiana;
  • il Concerto di Natale nella Chiesa degli Artisti a Roma;
  • il Gran Concerto di Natale nel Santuario di Monte Berico a Vicenza;

Entrambe le master class sono accompagnate al pianoforte.

Concetto Armonico intende avviare gli allievi volenterosi e preparati al mondo del teatro, cercando di offrire occasioni di concerto ed esibizioni per presentarli a professionisti del mondo della musica lirica. L’esperienza con il pubblico, il confronto con i colleghi e l’approfondimento dei propri studi attraverso la master class tenuta da un maestro di fama, sono aspetti fondamentali per lo sviluppo professionale di ciascun artista, al fine di ampliare le proprie conoscenze e migliorare il proprio strumento: la voce.

Sara Mingardo


Sara Mingardo – contralto

SaraMingardoE’ una delle rarissime voci di autentico contralto della scena musicale odierna. Collabora stabilmente con direttori d’orchestra del calibro di Claudio Abbado, Ivor Bolton, Riccardo Chailly, Myung Whun-Chung, Colin Davis, John Eliot Gardiner, Riccardo Muti, Trevor Pinnock, Christophe Rousset, Jordi Savall, Jeffrey Tate e Rinaldo Alessandrini. Il suo repertorio comprende opere di Gluck, Monteverdi, Händel, Vivaldi, Rossini, Verdi, Cavalli, Mozart, Donizetti, Schumann e Berlioz. Particolarmente attiva in ambito concertistico, vanta un repertorio che spazia da Pergolesi a Respighi, passando per Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Dvorák e Mahler. Nel 2007 la sua incisione dell’Orfeo di Monteverdi con Rinaldo Alessandrini è stata premiata con il Diapason d’Or. Ha ricevuto il Premio Abbiati 2009.

Katia Ricciarelli


Katia Ricciarelli – soprano

Katia-RicciarelliKatia Ricciarelli nasce a Rovigo ed è conosciuta in tutto il mondo come il “soprano verdiano”, per il particolare colore della sua voce. Diplomata al conservatorio di Venezia, nel 1969 debutta a Mantova nella “Bohéme” di Giacomo Puccini e l’anno dopo ne “Il trovatore” di Giuseppe Verdi. Due anni dopo vince il concorso “Voci Verdine” indetto dalla Rai, che la porta a cantare nei più prestigiosi teatri mondiali. Agli inizi presta la sua voce per opere di Verdi come “Otello”, “Messa di requiem”, “La traviata”, “Il Rigoletto”, e per il “Don Giovanni” di Mozart. Poi affronta il repertorio di Rossini. Nel 1986 si sposa con il presentatore televisivo Pippo Baudo e nello stesso anno debutta al cinema diretta da Franco Zeffirelli in “Otello”, accanto a Placido Domingo. Da sempre interessata alla scoperta di nuove voci, istituisce nel 1991 l’Accademia lirica internazionale di Katia Ricciarelli, dove segue personalmente gli artisti migliori. Tra il 1998 e il 1999 diventa direttrice artistica del Teatro Politeama di Lecce e partecipa ad alcuni programmi televisivi. Tra il 2005 e il 2006, torna al cinema in “La seconda notte di nozze” di Pupi Avati. Nel 2009 festeggia i 40 anni di carriera con un concerto al Teatro La Fenice di Venezia, duettando con le più grandi voci della musica classica e pop.