Regulations of the Opera Studio – Concetto Armonico

  1. Opera Studio – Concetto Armonico is an international project: singers from any nationality can take part to the project.

  2. There are no age limits.

  3. Auditions are totally free. No charges/fees are asked to submit to the auditions. Travel, board and lodging costs for the audition are to be covered by the participant.

  4. Application deadline SATURDAY 12nd APRIL 2014

  5. Applications must be submitted by completing the on-line application form which can be found on the association’s internet site: before 12th April 2014.

The following documents must be attached:

  • On-line application form

  • Curriculum Vitae (in formato .doc/.rtf/.pdf);

  • Two photos ( .jpeg/.gif/.png format);

  • Copy of an identity document ( .jpeg/.gif/.png format).

  • Audio file with two arias, one chosen by the candidate, one from “Il Barbiere di Siviglia” by G. Rossini (.mp3 / .avi / .wav format)

  1. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Applications sent after the deadline will not be considered.

  2. A small number of candidates will be admitted to the final audition after the preselection by the board.

  3. The final audition will take place in Tullio Serafin Theatre in Cavarzere 9th May 2014.

  4. To the final audition, applicants must know by heart the complete role they are presenting for, “recitative” included.

  5. CANDIDATES who are CHOSEN for Opera Studio – Concetto Armonico will be informed by e-mail within a week after the audition (20th April 2014)

  6. Chosen candidates are bond to take part to the whole Opera Studio – Concetto Armonico from 30th May to 8th June 2014 at Tullio Serafin Theatre in Cavarzere (Venice).

  7. There will be two casts for each role for the performance of the chosen opera (except for the role of Fiorello).

  8. Each cast is granted the same number of performances

  9. For the performances in Piove di Sacco and Vicenza singers will get a reimbursement of 200,00 euros (150,00 euros for the roles of Fiorello and Berta)

  10. Extra performances will be communicated on the internet site and on the association’s facebook page before the auditions application deadline

  11. The decisions of the jury are final and binding.

  12. The Ricordi rev. Zedda edition will be used

  13. The participation rules in the Italian language shall be legally binding


  • The enrolment fee for singer chosen for Opera Studio – Concetto Armonico is € 400,00 plus € 50,00 of inscription fee. Supporter associates of Concetto Armonico (registered before 28th february) will get a 10% discount on the ernrolement fee.

  • The inscription fee of € 50,00 plus an advance payment of € 100,00 on the enrolment fee must be paid when the association confirms the admission to the Opera Studio and will not be reimbursed in case of withdrawal. The enrolment fee must be settled on the first day of the Opera Studio, 30th May 2014.

  • Travel, board and lodging costs during the Opera Studio are to be covered by the participants


  • By applying to the opera studio, the participant authorises Concetto Armonico – Associazione Culturale to make video and/or audio recordings, to take pictures, to transmit by radio or TV broadcast any of his/her lessons, rehearsals, concerts or Opera presentations, organized either by Concetto Armonico – Associazione Culturale or by selected third party organizations or individuals. In particular, the participant surrenders to Concetto Armonico all the rights of said video and/or audio recordings and pictures for any use that might be relevant to the event. Concetto Armonico reserves the right to use all pictures, audio and video recordings for promotional purposes related to the present edition of the Festival or to future editions, or to release the audio and/or video recordings for demonstrational or promotional purposes.


  • The present terms of participation may be changed

  • The participation rules in the Italian language shall be legally binding.