New edition of “Tullio Serafin Competition”

The theatres of Berlin, Madrid, Milan, Parma and Genoa will pay homage to the Maestro. Finals at “Tullio Serafin” theatre in Cavarzere, Venice.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s “Don Giovanni” is the title of the opera of the 2022 “Tullio Serafin Opera Competition”. The Competition is organised by “Concetto Armonico” association and “Archivio storico Tullio Serafin” association, with the support of the Italian Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Cavarzere.

The prizes are the roles in the opera that will be performed in Vicenza on 8 and 10 September at Teatro Olimpico during the tenth Vicenza in Lirica Festival. The Competition will be divided into two phases: “Eliminatory Rounds” and “Finals”. The eliminatory rounds will be hosted in some of the greatest theatres in Italy and Europe, which will thus honour the name of Serafin by giving the international prestige that the Maestro deserves.

The preliminary rounds will be held on 25 April at Teatro Real in Madrid, on 2 and 3 May at Staatsoper Unter den Linden in Berlin, on 8 and 9 May at Teatro alla Scala in Milan, on 12 and 13 May at Teatro Regio in Parma and on 15 May at Teatro Carlo Felice in Genoa. The jury for the preliminary rounds will be composed of Andrea Castello (artistic director of “Vicenza in Lirica” festival and president of Archivio Storico Tullio Serafin), Renata Lamanda (mezzo-soprano) and a representative of the host theatre. The final of the competition, which is open to the public, will be held on 28 May at Teatro Tullio Serafin at the express wish of the Cavarzere Town Councillor for Culture Ilaria Turatti who, together with Andrea Castello and the Maestro’s family, will thus honour the name of Serafin in his home town. The jury of the final will be composed of Alessandro Galoppini, artistic director of Teatro alla Scala and president of the competition, Cristiano Sandri, artistic director of Teatro Regio di Parma, Sara Mingardo, musical consultant of Vicenza in Lirica Festival, Barbara Frittoli, soprano, Renata Lamanda mezzo-soprano, Andrea Castello, artistic director of Vicenza in Lirica Festival and president of Archivio Storico Tullio Serafin, Barbara Andreini, artistic director of Renata Tebaldi Foundation. Other jurors will be confirmed at the end of the preliminary rounds.

In addition to the roles in the opera “Don Giovanni” by W. A. Mozart, other prizes will also be awarded: Critics’ prize entitled to music critic “Lukas Franceschini”; audience prize entitled to “Francesco Pacchiega” offered by Mrs. Valeria Rubini; City of Cavarzere prize offered by the Department of Culture; prize entitled to “Marinella Meli” offered by mezzo-soprano Renata Lamanda. Other possible prizes will be announced on the website of the Tullio Serafin Opera Competition in the section “Prizes”. “Operabase” offers a 30% discount on Pro Artist subscriptions to all finalist artists and a 50% discount on special prizes (discount is applicable only on the payment of the annual subscription). Winners will receive a free annual Pro Artist subscription.”

“For me it is always a great honour to remember and pay homage to the name of Maestro Tullio Serafin through a competition dedicated to the new generations of opera singers, following, in this way, the “modus operandi” of the great maestro from Veneto who gave confidence to many young artists and, subsequently, made them debut. I would like to thank from the outset all the theatres that host us, the institutions that support us, the private individuals who provide additional prizes and, last but not least, Maestro Serafin’s great-grandchildren who are on the board of directors of the “Archivio Storico Tullio Serafin”, supporting its activities and the preservation of the material that belonged to their great-grandfather, which became a cultural asset in 2018″. These are the words of Andrea Castello, who enthusiastically announces the much-awaited Competition on the international opera scene.

Tullio Serafin conducted about 40 performances of Mozart’s “Don Giovanni“: the first time at Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires in 1914, then at Teatro Regio in Turin, at Metropolitan Opera House in New York, at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia, at Teatro Comunale in Florence, at Teatro dell’Opera in Rome (Royal Opera House at that time), at San Francisco Opera House and at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles in 1953. A production of “Don Giovanni” was recorded in 1934 with the label “UORC – Unique Opera Records Corporation” in New York with Orchestra and Chorus of the Metropolitan Opera House and among the protagonists Rosa Ponselle, Ezio Pinza and Tito Schipa.

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