First International Opera Singing Master Class “Assisi in Lirica”

The cultural association “CONCETTO ARMONICO” has organized an International Master Class for opera singers at the wonderful “Dal Moro Gallery Hotel” in Santa Maria degli Angeli – Assisi. The Master Class will be held by world famous Maestro Sherman Lowe and it is open to students who want to refine their vocal studies focusing on the choice of a repertoire. “Concetto Armonico” wants to help willing and deserving students find their way in the world of Opera singing. The association’s aim is to offer students opportunities to perform in concerts where they can be heard by agents, artistic directors or musical institutions. Experiences in front of a public, confrontation with other singers and advanced studies offered by a Master Class with a well-known teacher are basic elements for a professional development of any artist.
“Concetto Armonico” wishes to merge different elements in this Master Class: the charm of the Umbrian landscape and the peace of Assisi; the confort and welcoming atmosphere of a luxury hotel which has offered special rates for the students; evening lessons (one and a half hours each) on famous personalities related to the history of music.
During the Master Class students will be accompanied on the piano by Maestro Daniela Cenedese.




“Concetto Armonico” has organized, besides the Master Class, two important events which will take place at 9.00 p.m. at the “Dal Moro Gallery Hotel” and which are meant as a cultural opportunity not only for the students, but for a wider audience.

  • Il Segreto nello Sguardo. Memorie di Rosalba Carriera”, a novel by Valentina Casarotto. A meeting with the author. Valentina Casarotto will talk about Venetian female painter of the XVIII century Rosalba Carriera. A painter whose artistic experience follows the musical and cultural developments of her time. Vivaldi and J.S. Bach will be among the composers dealt with during the meeting.
  • Tullio Serafin”. Unforgettable orchestra conductor and artistic “father” of Maria Callas. Nicla Sguotti will introduce her essay on Tullio Serafin with images, videos and interviews.
  •  “Artistic Dinner”. A special dinner for the students, but not only. During the dinner there will be music and students will be free to sing what they like. A nice way to spend a night together and thank the Hotel management who offered us its help.



Wednesday 28 November:

9.00 a.m. Students welcome and Master Class intoduction. Lessons start.
9.00 p.m. Meet the author: “Il Segreto nello Sguardo. Memorie di Rosalba Carriera” a novel by Valentina Casarotto

Thursday 29  November:

9.30 a.m. Lessons start
9.00 p.m. Discussion on Tullio Serafin. Nicla Sguotti will talk about her essay on the famous conductor.

Friday 30 November:

10.00 Lessons start 9.00 p.m. “Artistic Dinner” (booking required)

Saturday 1 December:

10.00 a.m. Lessons start
9.00 p.m. Final Concert with all the students at “Pontifical Basilica of Saint Francis” in Assisi.

Voices will be chosen for “Oratorio de Noel” by Saint Saens and New Year’s concert in “Tullio Serafin Theatre” in Cavarzere, Venice.


“Dal Moro Gallery Hotel” agreement

Students who want to stay at the “Dal Moro Gallery Hotel” will enjoy reduced rates:

Single room , bed & breakfast, 60,00 euros per night Double room, bed & breakfast, 70,00 euros per night

Half board supplement 15,00 euros per person per meal.

Reservations for more than 4 nights will get a reduction of 5,00 euros, both in single and double room per night. Information and contact: +39 075 803688



1- The Cultural Association “Concetto Armonico” and “Dal Moro Gallery Hotel” organize the first Master Class of High Opera Singing Specialization from 28th November until 1st December in the conference hall of the “Dal Moro Gallery Hotel” in Assisi. Each day there will be seven hours of lessons.

2- Singers from all countries are admitted: max 13 students and max 30 auditors.

3- The enrolement form can be found on the internet site and it shall be sent before 4th november to e-mail address or to “Associazione Culturale Concetto Armonico, Via Coette Alte 11 – 30014 Rottanova di Cavarzere (VE)”. For the enrolement students have to send: . enrolement form . short curriculum vitae . copy of an identity document . copy of the payment of the enrolement fee (50,00 euros) . copy of “Concetto Armonico Card” if the student is an affiliate of the association.

4- Payments: The enrolement fee to the Master Class is 50,00 euros to pay through money transfer to:

CONCETTO ARMONICO Associazione Culturale BANCA DEL CENTROVENETO Filiale di Vicenza IBAN: it60 o 08590 11800 000081026140

The enrolement fee is not refundable in case the student will not participate.

The attendance fee will be paid on the first day of the master class as follows:

– students attendance fee 190,00 euros – auditors attendance fee 20,00 euros

Associates of “Concetto Armonico” will get a 15% reduction of the attendance fee.

5- Students must attend to at least 80% of the total lesson hours otherwise the Master Class Attendance Certificate will not be released.

6- The Association will not reinburse to the participants any travel or accomodation expense. There is an agreement with “Dal Moro Gallery Hotel” for reduced rates for the participants.

7- The Master Class may be cancelled if there is not a sufficient number of inscriptions or for causes beyond control of the organization. In these cases participants will be reimbursed the enrolement fee and the cost of the money transfer.

8- Students must present for the master class at least one “aria” from the sacred repertoire.

9- The events on the evening of the 28 and 29 november are considered lessons included in the Master Class. The subjects will be related to the history of music and the total three hours will sum to the singing lessons for the attendance certificate.

10- Students who are ready for a public performance (the teacher and “Concetto Armonico” artistic direction will decide the student’s preparation) will participate to the final concert of the Master Class on saturday 1st december 2012 at 9.00 p.m. in the “Pontifical Basilica of Saint Francis” in Assisi. Students chosen for the concert must ensure their presence. Students will not receive any reimbursement for their performance. The attendance certificate will be given to the students at the end of the concert.   11- Students of the Master Class may be chosen for other concerts in Italy and abroad organized by “Concetto Armonico”, even if they are not affiliates.

12- Auditors. Auditors must attend at least 80% of the total hours of leassons, included the three hours on the evenings of the 28 and 29 november. They will receive an attendance certificate. Auditors may ask questions and make comments during the Master Class when the teacher will allow.


Download here the Master Class Regulation and Application Form.