Barbara Frittoli masterclass in opera singing

October 18, 2021


Art. 1 – Master class – venue – lessons.
Concetto Armonico cultural associaton organizes a masterclass in opera singing held by soprano Barbara Frittoli (2, 3, 4, 5 December 2021) at Centro Culturale Rosetum in Milan. The masterclass will be accompanied by Maestro Marcos Madrigal on the piano.

Art. 2 – Admission: age limits and enrolment.
Singers of any nationality are admitted to participate at the lessons. The age limit for participation in the masterclass is 35 years old. A maximum of 10 students and 15 auditors may participate in the masterclass. To enrol in the masterclass, candidates must send the required documentation by 20 November 2021 to:
Documentation required for enrolment
1. duly completed and signed application form (downloadable from
2. short Curriculum Vitae (in .doc/.rtf/.pdf format);
3. copy of identity document (in .jpeg/.gif/.png format)
4. copy of the payment of the registration fee.

Art. 3 – Fee and method of payment for students.
The participation fee for the masterclass is € 280,00 (two hundred and eighty/00 Euros), including a membership card as Sympathizing members of Concetto Armonico of € 25,00 (twenty-five/00 Euros). The membership card is valid for one year. Those who are already in possession of a membership card valid until 5 December 2021 shall pay the fee of € 255.00 (two hundred and fifty-five/00 Euros). Before paying the fee, the student must check the availability of places.

The details for the payment of the fee are:
BCC CENTROVENETO, Branch of Vicenza
IBAN: IT60 O085 9011 8000 0008 1026 140
Causale: NAME SURNAME inscription masterclass of Barbara Frittoli – Milan

NB: Please indicate the name and surname of the person registering.
This fee will not be refundable in case of cancellation of the participant, without justified reason (medical certificate, contract).

Art. 4 – Auditors.
15 auditors are admitted. The attendance fee for auditors is € 70,00 (seventy/00 Euro), including the membership card. Those who already have a Concetto Armonico membership card valid until 5 December 2021 must pay € 45.00 (forty-five/00 Euros). In order to enrol, auditors must send the required material, as described in article 2, by 20th November 2021 to, complete the attendance fee (at the time of enrolment) and send the receipt of payment, under penalty of exclusion from the project. Auditors will be able to discreetly partecipate in the masterclass by asking questions to the Maestro when allowed.

Art. 5 – Attendance.
The timetable of the masterclass and the relative breaks will be agreed upon by the teacher together with the enrolled students. Students (active and auditors) will be obliged to attend at least 80% of the total lesson hours. If the student does not attend 80% of the total hours, he/she will not receive the final certificate.

Art. 6 – Cancellation.
The organisation reserves the right to cancel the masterclass if the number of participants is insufficient or if causes beyond its control prevent it from taking place. In these cases, the participants will be refunded the participation fee for the masterclass.

Art. 7 – Final concert.
Students who are ready to perform in public (the teacher and the artistic direction will carefully evaluate the student’s level of preparation) will take part in the final concert on 5 December (afternoon) at the Rosetum Cultural Centre. Students participating in the concert will not receive any remuneration or reimbursement of expenses for their performance. Students must ensure their presence at the concert, without exception. A certificate of participation will be handed out to all students (students and auditors) at the end of the final concert.

Art. 8 – Filming of images, audio and video.
By enrolling, the participant in the masterclass gives his or her consent to the filming and radio and television broadcasts, to the filming of images as well as audio and video tapes made during the lessons, rehearsals, concerts and performances, carried out by the organiser itself or by persons or institutions appointed to do so. In particular, the participant assigns to the organiser all rights to image, sound and video recordings for any use in connection with the event. The organisation reserves the right to use images, sound and video recordings for promotion in relation to this event or future events or to publish the sound and video recordings for demonstration and promotional purposes.

Art. 9 – Final conclusions
The organisers decline any responsibility for risks and damages of any kind to persons, things or other that may be caused to the students during the lessons. Enrolment in the masterclass implies unconditional acceptance of these admission regulations.
The Italian version of this notice applies.