Auditions to the Opera Studio – Concetto Armonico

For the preselection for the Opera Studio, applicants must complete the online enrolment and send a recording before 12th April 2014. Results will be communicated to the candidates who are admitted a week after the preselection.

Candidates chosen for the final audition must be at Tullio Serafin Theatre on 9th May 2014 knowing the role by heart (“recitativi” included).

The audition board will be composed by:

  • The music and singing teacher of “Opera Studio – Concetto Armonico”, M° Bruno De Simone
  • The stage director of “Opera Studio – Concetto Armonico”, Primo Antonio Petris
  • The pianist of “Opera Studio – Concetto Armonico”, M° Fausto Di Benedetto
  • The president of “Circolo Amici del Maestro Tullio Serafin”, Maurizio Braga
  • The vice president and artistic director of “Concetto Armonico Association”, Paolo Grigolo





  • BARTOLO, Bass *
  • ROSINA, Mezzosoprano*
  • FIGARO, Baritone *
  • BASILIO, Bass *
  • FIORELLO and UFFICIALE, Baritone **
  • BERTA, Soprano / Mezzosoprano *


*two singers will be chosen for each role in order to have two casts.

** Since Fiorello’s role has no “aria”, students chosen for this role will have the chance to study an aria from another role with the singing teacher.